Smooth landing in Barcelona

bcnEXPAT efficiently organizes half or full days of settling-in to help you land smoothly, and quickly become operational as relocating is much more than looking for a place to live. We have the contacts to help you settle in faster and more efficiently.

bcnEXPAT offers the following services:

  • Transportation of household goods, we can recommend the most appropriate moving company.
  • Bank account set up.
  • Utility connections (gas, electricity and water).
  • School search and registration.
  • Telephone/Internet connection assistance.
  • Furniture Rental.
  • Furniture storage.
  • Vehicle Import and Registration / Automobile purchase or lease.
  • Tenancy Management (carpenters, electricians, plumbers, technicians, etc).
  • Learning to use: appliances, heating systems, answering machines, etc.
  • Shopping: kitchen cabinets, appliances, light fixtures, draperies, etc.
  • Discovering your new neighbourhood.
  • Pet Transportation and Documentation.
  • Housekeeping.
  • Intercultural training: specific issues for spouse and children, business etiquette.
  • Planning for the arrival of a new baby.

This services can also be tailored to your personal specifications and used at any time during your stay.