Pre-arrival services

First contact

Prior to your arrival, bcnEXPAT reviews your personal profile and after listening to your needs we will work together on defining your priorities. We all need to see the full picture and make the right choices from the start.

Temporary accommodation

bcnEXPAT books the convenient accommodation for the first visit and also during the period of the home search.

Orientation program:

We will recieve you in our offices located in the center of Barcelona to give you an overview of the city:

  • Comparison of neighbourhoods.
  • Schools /childcare.
  • Cost of living.
  • Medical facilities.
  • Spouse opportunities.
  • Pet information.
  • Language courses.
  • Sports.
  • Banking.
  • Administrative formalities.
  • Special considerations.
  • Visit of 2/3 display flats/homes.

Our team organises and accompanies you in a daily tour. We will establish a plan of action.